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SSAIB Inspectorate. (Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board)

We are an SSAIB Approved Electronic Security System Installer.

Tringmain Security is accredited by the SSAIB.

This accreditation is recognised by all police forces and insurance companies. For all our clients that means trust & confidence in our people, our systems & our services.

SSAIB says:

"SSAIB only certificates those companies who demonstrate competence & financial probity in the management of their business. Certificated providers must also demonstrate technical competence when it comes to providing security services for your home & your family. SSAIB certification means you can be confident in the quality of services provided to protect your home. An SSAIB certificated provider will meet or exceed your Insurer's requirements."

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Before applying to the SSAIB for recognition we ensured we had & could prove the following:
1.     Suitable Premises.

A business premises in which confidential information, customer details, system specifications etc, can be securely stored, e.g. fitted with appropriate physical protection & an intruder alarm system.


2.     Resources & Equipment.
The tools, test equipment, vehicles & staff we require to provide the services we offer & that are required to meet the SSAIB rules & criteria & relevant British or European standards.
  SSAIB. (Security Systems & Alarm Inspection Board)
3.     Insurance Cover.
Employers’ liability & product liability cover appropriate to the size & type of business we carry out & efficacy cover (product failure or wrongful advice) of at least £1,000,000 per incident.
4.     Finances.
Bank references are required which SSAIB will take up with our bank. SSAIB will also carry out a credit check & may also ascertain if we have any relevant County Court Judgments outstanding that could imply financial impropriety (we haven't, & never have had). These checks are intended to ensure we are trading in a lawful manner & meeting our regular outgoing & other financial obligations, such as tax, vat, & insurances.
5.     Installed Systems.
SSAIB rules require us to have installed at least 10 systems under the trading name used in our application for recognition. These systems must have been installed not more than six months prior to the date of our application. SSAIB will need to inspect a number (not less than three) of these installations to confirm we are installing systems in compliance with the relevant standards.
6. Contracts & Documentation.
We have documentation, which clearly describes the products & services we intend to provide. The contracts associated with this documentation are written in an understandable manner & do NOT include unfair contract terms.
a. Records of terms & conditions are required for:
  i. The Installation of a System.
  ii. The Maintenance of a System.
  iii. The Repair / Breakdown of a System.
  iv. Takeover of a System.
These describe the products & services provided & associated costs. The terms & conditions also describe whether the system or part thereof is sold or rented / leased & what period warranty is provided & what parts (equipment) of the system are covered by that warranty & if a charge is made for the labor involved in warranty repairs.
b. Forms required:
  i. Enquiry: The form used to record a customer enquiry.
  ii. Survey: The form used to record system details during a survey.
  iii. Quotation: The documentation sent to a prospective customer.
  iv. Acceptance: The form signed by the client accepting the system is satisfactory.
  v. Hand Over: Signed by Tringmain stating compliance with the relevant standards.
  vi. As Fitted Specification: The specification for the system actually installed.
  vii. Test Sheet: A record of the tests carried out prior to hand over.
  viii. The Mains Test Certificate: Signed by Tringmain stating compliance with the relevant standards.
  ix. Key Holder Lists: For transmission to an Alarm Receiving Centre for signaling systems.
  x. Maintenance Form: Signed by the customer accepting a maintenance has been completed.


Repair Form: Form signed by a customer to confirm a repair has been carried out.
We will maintain the following records:
  i. Maintenance.
  ii. Repairs / Breakdowns.
  iii. Disconnection of Equipment Temporary & Permanent.
  iv. False Activations.
  v. Any Changes to Specification.
7.     Codes of Practice.
We have Codes of Practice (internal procedures) relating to the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance & repair of security systems we install. These procedures describe how our organization will comply with requirements of the standards relevant to the systems installed & to the requirements of the police force policies in the areas we operate.
a.      Documentation & Records.
The standards applicable to the systems we install (CCTV / Access Control ) require us to maintain documents (contracts / specifications / etc) & records (maintenance & repair visits / disconnection / removal of equipment for repair etc) for the systems we install. These documents & the records are stored securely & are made available to SSAIB inspectors during assessment for recognition & routine inspections.
b.      Complaints Procedure.
We have a complaints procedure relating to the logging of complaints & the initiation of corrective action. The procedure also include a regular review of the complaints log to ensure corrective action is being implemented & the causes of the complaints are identified & actions taken to prevent further complaints, of a similar nature, arising. This review is at monthly intervals.   
Identity Cards.

Identity cards are provided for all personnel expected to need access to customer’s premises. They include a photograph of the holder, the signature of the holder & details of our organization. The card has an expire date & our procedure includes a requirement that all cards are returned to us when the individual leaves the employment of Tringmain Security.

We also provide evidence of the following:
A. Repute & Experience of Management.

The persons responsible for the day to day operation of our organization & those in a position to influence the running of the organization e.g. the owners or those with a significant financial interest, must be reputable persons of good character. In practical terms this means we must not have any criminal convictions or associate with known criminals or persons of ill repute. The SSAIB will coincide the acceptability of those responsible for managing, or being in a position to influence, the operation of an applicant or registered installer.

B. Staff.
Our individuals involved in the design, installation, maintenance & repair of the systems wen install are competent to carry out the tasks allocated to them. This competence may be achieved by experience, training or qualification or any combination of these. We have sufficient staff to provide the services offered.
C. 24 Hour Cover.
BS requires us to provide 24 hour repair services for contracted systems which specifically include 24hr options & provide a response within four hours to systems including signaling equipment used to initiate a police response. We are able to demonstrate how our organization with meet these requirements.
D. Maintenance Contracts.
Maintenance of security systems is essential if those systems are to operate reliably. Proper maintenance is particularly important for intruder alarm systems where false alarms are responsible for wasting of a great deal of police resource. We always offer a maintenance contract for each system installed. Our customer cannot be forced to enter into a maintenance contract but we ensure the customer is aware of the problems that might arise if equipment is not properly maintained. The ssaib inspector checks evidence that we are offering maintenance contracts for all systems installed.
E. Screening of Personnel.
All relevant staff, those employed in the design, installation, maintenance & repair of the systems we supply & those with access to information of a confidential nature (contracts / specifications) are screened in conformance with BS 7858. The screening of our employees is carried out by a third party properly qualified firm.
F. Standards & Codes of Practice.
We are in possession of original copies of all standards & codes of practice relevant to the systems we install. Photocopies of these standards are not acceptable & contravene the copyright of e.g. BSI.
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  SSAIB. (Old & New Logos)
SSAIB. (Old & New Logos)

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