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Our Mission Statement.

Customer Satisfaction.

We pursue excellence in all aspects of Tringmain's operations. Our main focus is a commitment to customer satisfaction. We will do whatever is necessary to meet our customers' needs & requirements relating to our products & service. Not only will we do things right - we will do the right thing! We make commitments with care & then live up to them by doing what we say we will do. We feel a sense of urgency on any matters related to our customers. We want to be first in quality & service - providing leadership in solving problems, meeting expectations, adding value to our customers' business operations, & helping our customers prosper. We want to be the company of choice for commercial & industrial electronic security.

Compliance with European Standards: Access Control: EN 50132. CCTV: EN 50133.
Continuous Improvement.

We strive for continuous improvement in our security products, service, & administrative operations. We will not be satisfied with the status quo. We like to compete, & we believe that competition brings out the best in us. We welcome ideas & participative input of every kind from our customers & suppliers to assist in achieving our goals. We will insure that our employees have the best technical training to perform their job duties.

Business Partners.
We treat our employees with respect. We believe that employees who are treated with respect & given responsibility will respond by giving their best. In this environment, Tringmain enjoys an excellent record of employee retention. We believe in teamwork in our company & put this belief into practice on a daily basis. At Tringmain, we are one team working together to exceed customer requirements & expectations.
Member of the Federation of Small Businesses
Better Payment Practice.

Better Payment Practice.

Signatories to the Code

The BPPGs mission is:
1. To promote good payment practice amongst all UK businesses & organisations, including increasing awareness of the commercial & ethical benefits for all businesses of paying suppliers promptly on agreed terms.
2. To produce information & guidance on use of the late payment legislation & on the issue of prompt payment.
3. To maintain a programme of measures that promote a better payment culture, that is supported by the business community.
The Better Payment Practice Group was formed in 1997 as a partnership between the public & private sectors. Its aim is to improve the payment culture of the UK business community & reduce the incidence of the late payment of commercial debt.
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