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From the imagination of LEWIS C BENNETT come two limited edition prints


signed & numbered by the artist, printed on 300gm acid-free paper using light-fast inks.

Both large prints are very colourful and highly detailed.



An Old Fashioned Fair.

An Old Fashioned Fair

For a more detailed view of this painting, just click on the picture.


Lewis Clayton Bennett was born in Plymouth in 1908, and in his early days won a gold sovereign for being the best behaved boy in Plymouth. He lived with his parents who owned an antique shop and attended the Technical Art School in Plymouth. On the death of his father he closed down the antique business and opened a radio shop.

On the outbreak of war he joined the army as an engineer (R.E.M.E) and eventually became an instructor at the Polytechnic, Regent Street, London.  Towards the end of the war years he made a scale model of his army heavy duty tool kit which was awarded second place at an exhibition attended by HRH The Princess Royal. 


A Steam Train in a Busy Railway Station.

A Steam Train in a Busy Railway Station

For a more detailed view of this painting, just click on the picture.



At the end of the war he worked for the Multitone Electric Company for 27 years where he eventually took charge of the model shop, making prototype models of such electronic instruments as hearing aids.  He designed the case for the first "pager" - originally used in hospitals.


On retiring he lived in Essex and  took up water colour painting, all of his work being from his imagination but with exceptional detail. 


He won many awards including a Silver cup, presented by the Mayor, for best overall exhibit at an over 60's exhibition.


These are the first two to be reproduced and sold so that many more people can enjoy them.   


Lewis Clayton Bennett died on the 1st November 1995 but his memory lives on in his many paintings.



They are the sort of paintings you could never get tired of looking at or telling stories to young children about the characters. They stimulate & invigorate the imagination giving hours of pleasure!


Copyright Lewis C. Bennett  January 2006.  Note that these may not be reproduced in any form without prior permission.



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