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Vehicle Induction Loops.

We Supply, Install, & Maintain Safe Solutions to Discreet Vehicle Detection.

Underground vehicle detection is a discreet method to control automatic gates or barriers. They are an important safety measure common in most installations.


Vehicle Induction loop presence detectors are designed upon the principle of the change of inductance in a coil whose electromagnetic field is interrupted by a metallic object.

The coil is represented by special cable loops embedded in the roadway whose inductance is altered when crossed over by a vehicle.

All our induction loop detectors are micro processor based, digital types of the most modern specification, proven reliability, with a large margin for movement & roadway settlement, plus good sensitivity to detect a wide variety of vehicle sizes.

All detectors are self tuning. Detection may be by vehicle presence, a pulse impulse (crossing or leaving the controlled area) or with delay before impulse. Our induction loop detectors are an obvious answer where vehicular only access is required automatically & is nearly always incorporated in automatic gate or barrier projects Utilising our range of traffic management measures.

The majority of our induction loops are used for safety, delaying the closing cycle of controlled gates or barriers until the area is clear of vehicles, pedestrian safety is monitored by infrared line of sight beams.

We are committed to installing all types of automatic vehicle detection loops, the entire package is installed by our trained engineers.

A fact that demonstrates our commitment is that we are fully equipped to install induction loops correctly 1st time, without the need to employ outside specialist contractors.


Induction Loop Installation
1. Diamond Tipped Blade Cuts Ground Cleanly.
2. No Sharp Edges! Corners Reduce Detection Efficiency.
3. 2 or 3 Turns of Induction Loop Cable.
4. Back Filled with Hot Melt Bitumen.


Our preferred in-fill casting compound is hot melt
bitumen - Produces a nice unobtrusive quality finish.

           6 Garfield Road, Chingford, London, E4 7DG.

Tel: 020 8533 0516
Fax: 020 8533 1456
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