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Master Clock System.

We Install & Maintain Accurate Global Synchronised Clock Systems.

Our master clock systems provide a complete precision time synchronisation solution for computer networks, CCTV security, Access Control, C3, digital clock systems, industrial process control, voice recording and many other applications requiring accurate time synchronisation of equipment. Either a 'Rugby' (MSF) or GPS signal can be the reference signal.

GPS / MSF Time Clock.
Master Clock Front & Rear Panel.


The wide range of application specific time and date message formats, with pre-programmed parameters, provide a simple 'set and forget' capability to enable the precision synchronisation of many different types of video recording, computer and communications equipment including items manufactured or supplied by the following companies:


  • ADT Excelsior.
  • Coe Ltd.
  • Dictaphone Corporation.
  • Dedicated Micros .
  • Ademco Microtech - Galaxy.
  • Loronix.
  • Ultrak MaxPro .
  • Philips.
  • Panasonic UK Ltd.
  • Grosvenor Technology - Janus.
  • ADT Site Guard.
  • Norbain.
  • Synectics.
  • Tecton Ltd.
  • Vicon Industries Inc.
  • The Vision Factory Ltd.
  • The Vision Research Company Ltd.
  • Vortex Communications Ltd.
Please contact our Technical Department for application advice on specific equipment and operating
configurations or the supply of units with non-standard ASCII message formats.



           6 Garfield Road, Chingford, London, E4 7DG.

Tel: 020 8533 0516
Fax: 020 8533 1456
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