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Quality Compliant Signage.

Standard Sign Colours

Ahhhhhhh, If we have to provide signs for our clients that have been produced by the 'sign shop around the corner' once more, then I think we'll go mad...

Having to rely on other people - people that obviously don't have our clients best interests at heart, had finally convinced us that we needed an in-house solution.

We have invested in a solution that surpasses our clients needs, we are now able to provide quality compliant signage which we manufacture as & when we require them. Custom signage is no longer a time consuming business for us. E.g. CCTV warning signs have to include the owner / operator's name & telephone number, usually this is either hand written on, or involved us ordering a custom made sign... NOW we can even include the clients logo, & the finished article is of the highest quality, & long-lasting.

Various Infomation & Warning Signs
Custom Sign Printer. Incorporates the very latest in touch screen technology to give you total facility identification Making our own labels & signs has never been easier, simply touch the screen, design the output on the colour monitor & press print it's as simple as that. Includes over 700 pre-set symbols & formats so we can create safety & directional signs, logistics & quality labelling, maintenance, warehouse & production marking plus many other general information signs & labels. The feature we like best is the ability to automatically print & cut strikingly shaped signs.
Over 300 built-in headers, symbols & pictograms Industrial grade tapes that last for years outdoors & in industrial environments. Ability to print 3 different types of braces: 3 of 9, Interleaved 2 of 5,& 128. Text can be bold, underline, italic, reverse, condensed or expanded. Ability to print multiple text sizes on one label Ability to print multiple colours on one label without changing ribbons Data can be automatically sequenced. Ability to print horizontally, vertically, or rotate Print signs or labels up to 10" wide. Easily mount output to plastic or aluminium panels. Preview your sign or label before it is printed, make any changes & then instantly print your sign or label on the spot.
Custom Sign Printer.
  Custom CCTV Infomation Sign.
Custom signs, can be personalised via our high resolution sign design software, this WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) package allows us to produce a unique, but compliant sign quickly & effortlessly time after time, even procedure check lists can be printed & mounted adjacent equipment, & looks totally professional.
NO MORE POOR QUALITY Signs For Our Clients.
With NO Time Scale or Quality Problems...
High Quality Custom Sign Software. CCTV Warning Sign Logo.

           6 Garfield Road, Chingford, London, E4 7DG.

Tel: 020 8533 0516
Fax: 020 8533 1456
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