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Security Speech Transfer System.


Audio Bridge
Surface Mounted
Flush Mounted
Security Intercom


Our Speech Transfer System is a two-way intercom specifically designed to aid communication where normal speech is impaired by the use of glass security partitions or similar barriers.

Every system is controlled & powered individually & comprises of a twin channel audio amplifier, power supply unit, staff unit with integral speaker & gooseneck microphone for the member of staff & a microphone & speaker for the customer. The microphone & speaker modules are supplied in various formats to enable the system to be installed in differing locations.

These modules are fitted to either the counter surface or surrounding mullion thus preserving the integrity of the glass partition.

The system operates on an "open duplex" basis, i.e. all microphones & speakers are live simultaneously. Sophisticated electronic circuitry in the amplifier & purpose designed speaker & microphone modules ensure that the risk of acoustic coupling, or "feedback" is kept to a minimum.

We also offers an optional induction loop facility, which is built into the system for better communication with users of hearing aids.

All our system components are connected on a 'plug & socket' basis for ease of installation & service.

Our speech transfer systems may be purchased as a system "package" or as individual modules, thus allowing maximum flexibility to "tailor" systems to individual requirements. A further format sees our secure communications systems supplied as an integral part of a counter pass through unit for document & cash transference.



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