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Swipe / Photo ID Card Information.

We Supply Quality

Swipe / Photo ID Card Solutions.

Printable Swipe Cards


  • All cards are manufactured to ISO standards.
  • All cards (unless otherwise stated) are CR80 size 85.6 x 54 mm.
  • Pre-printed cards including signature panels, holograms, holodesigns, & Numbering etc.
  • Premium grade PVC 60140 cards increase durability from 2500 to 25000 flex Cycles.
  • 10 mil (250 micron) is standard business card thickness.
  • 30 mil (760 micron) is standard credit card thickness
Standard Tringmain Swipe Cards

Magnetic Encoding Terms.


  • This is a technical term used to designate how strong a magnetic field must be to affect data encoded on a magnetic stripe. Coercivity is measured in Oersteds (oe). Coercivity is the measure of how difficult it is to encode information in a magnetic stripe.


  • Abbreviation for High-Coercivity. Hi-Co magnetic stripes provide the highest level of immunity to damage by stray magnetic fields. They are more difficult to encode than Lo-Co magnetic stripes because the encoding requires more power. The magnetic stripe is black.


  • Low Coercivity. Easier to encode and slightly less expensive than Hi-Co magnetic stripe cards. The magnetic stripe is brown. Magnetic stripe readers are blind as to whether a stripe is Hi-Co or Lo-Co and are designed to read both.


Example Applications.
Swipe Usage.
Access Control.
Retail Customer Loyalty Cards.
Membership Cards.
Weekly / Monthly.
Time and Attendance.
Debit / Credit.
Weekly / Monthly.


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