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RedWall 4010 / 302O Infrared Beams.

Redwall 4010 FEATURES
  • Reliable Operation.
  • All Metal Sensor Head.
  • High RFI / EMI Immunity.
  • 40m x 10m, 120' x 30' Long Range.
  • 30m x 20x, 90' x 60' Wide Angle.
  • 40m x 4m, 120' x 12' Curtain
  • Dual Channel Processing.
  • Twin Dual Sensors.
  • Tamper Resistant Bracket.
  • High or Medium Sensitivity Setting.
  • IP 65 Rated.



Coverage Area


The Redwall 4010 & Redwall3020 are PIR sensors specifically designed for external CCTV detection applications. Their small size, attractive appearance & accurate detection makes them ideal for the activation of video transmission systems & the positioning of pan and tilt or dome cameras. They can also be used on manned CCTV systems to alert an operators attention to movement in a specific area. These detectors are single ended devices & do not emit or transmit signals. They are safe for use in all applications.


Detection is achieved by monitoring far infrared levels between an intruder & the background in the detectors multiple fields of view. These detectors use twin dual element sensors & twin electronic processors to achieve detection while maintaining operational stability. A precision optical array combining reflective & refractive lenses provide the sensors with a precise coverage pattern that can be accurately aligned using the Audio Walk Tester.


The Redwall 4010, & Redwall 3020 are simple to install & maintain. The detachable mounting bracket allows the sensing head to be accurately adjusted to offer precise alignment. Setting up & walk testing is made easy with an LRP 1020 Audio Walk tester. This uses a sweeping sound method to show exactly the position of the detection areas. The Redwall 4010 and 3020 come complete with comprehensive installation instructions, security key to lock the sensing head in position & fixing kit for mounting.


The Redwall 4010 & Redwall 3020 sensing electronics are housed within a screened metal enclosure which, being located in the sensor's cast aluminium head, are thereby doubly protected against radio interference. Comprehensive decoupling of the electronics also adds to the sensor's ability to reject sources of electro-magnetic & electro-static interference.


The Redwall 4010 & Redwall 3020 are ideally suited to all external applications. Typical installations include car compounds, retail warehouses, electrical substations, storage areas & building perimeters. When used in conjunction with an LRP 105 Interswitch these sensors can be used to simultaneously control lighting thereby reducing both energy & maintenance costs while increasing site security.



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