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Entry Systems.

We are a London Based Installation, Maintenance, & Repair Company.
We Install Many Various Makes of Audio / Video Entry - Systems.
Unfortunately We Don't Sell Entry System Components for DIY Installation...


Bell System.





Aiphone.Aiphone products range from simple door answering unit to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex microprocessor based commercial systems & luxury condo/apartment security/communication systems.

They boast design simplicity, technical excellence and reliability. With over 30 standard systems, and additional manufacturing by special order, Aiphone can create a system for virtually any intercom application.

Video systems can include pan and tilt camera, colour or monochrome picture and a video memory module. Audio systems can include intercom between handsets and all call facilities suitable for commercial applications.

Multiway master intercom units available to suit larger commercial applications. Hands free options are available for audio, video and intercom systems.


Elvox.A new range of PETRARCA matching audio handsets and video monitors has been introduced and will gradually replace the current Galileo units.

That they can either be used separately or they can be connected together to form a single unit by means of an interconnecting harness & backplate. In a similar way, the Giotto combined handset and monitor will gradually be superseded by by the Giotto 2002. The 870 audio handset has already been replaced by the ultra modern, slimline 8870 handset in many of the audio kits.

The new models are available in white, anthracite black and titanium silver. The new units can be used in exactly the same way as the Galileo units and may be used with the Galileo modular entrance panels and the other entrance panels from the Elvox range.


Bell System.

Bell System Telephone.Bell Systems has been manufacturing access control systems in Britain for over 30 years, developing an extensive product range for the installer and end user including audio and video door entry, coded entry and card entry systems. Bell products have been designed primarily for the British security market.

The 900 series audio door entry system now boasts a new contemporary front door panel and updated telephones with electronic ringing tones. The 801 handset will run AC or DC. Options available include privacy of speech with automatic timed disconnection of speech and mute switch for muting the buzzer.

The 500 range of handsets offer a wide range of features including privacy of speech, timed mute and door status indication. Public Housing is also catered for with vandal resistant options including the BSX isolating exchange system which ensures that any damage sustained to an individual telephone or its associated cabling will not affect the operation of the rest of the system, and the DAX digital system designed for large blocks where an analogue panel would prove impractical. Both BSX and DAX have tradesman facility and can incorporate battery backup.

The BellView video telephone, which uses a Sony flat screen, is designed for all professional installations and is widely used throughout public and private sectors. Technical assistance (direct from the manufacturer) is available 'on demand' and full product information and technical documentation, both past and present, can be downloaded from their website.



BPT.BPT offers the full range of audio and video systems in both modular format or stainless steel/brass finish. Analogue and digital version are readily available, and coded and proximity access control can be incorporated into panels to provide an integrated entrance panel.

BPT products incorporate aesthetics, functionality, practicality and ease of use. Audio and video Kits are available for straightforward installation. The latest Targha panel is a sleek contemporary panel with colour options available, enabling it to complement any interior surrounding or architectural style.

The latest Exedra unit is a fully functional video entry control system whose components can be assembled together in various combinations to create the best solution for individual needs. Exedra can be a handset, monitor or telephone, and when combined with the IT/200 interface it can be connected to any standard corded or cordless telephone. Exedra is simple to install with colour coded wires corresponding to colour coded connectors on the terminal boards.

Singletouch offers duplex speech, hands free communication, all call facility and covert monitoring. Singletouch offers a range of options from small workshop installations through to the provision of two way communications in large complex buildings.



Entryphone.Entryphone is a British manufacturer, established in 1958. Products are designed and manufactured with the belief that once installed a system should remain a functional and serviceable part of the building for as long as it is required.

There is therefore no such thing as an obsolete “Entryphone”. Spare parts for every product are available.

Entryphone apparatus is designed to be easily installed and simple to maintain. Entryphone systems are not complicated and do not incorporate the latest microchip technology - the internal circuitry is based on well known and established telephone and closed circuit T.V. Principles and full technical information can be provided on any product.

Audio, video and coded access systems are all available in very cost effective stainless steel finish, flush or surface mounted and offering backlit nameplates as opposed to permanent engraving. Panels are also available in Brass finish.




The Farfisa range offers something to suit every application from audio and video entry and intercoms in analogue, digital and semi digital systems, standard and two wire systems for easy installation and a comprehensive selection of stylish keypads and vandal resistant and weather proof housings in aluminium and stainless steel finishes.

Kit versions are also available and come complete with power supply unit, handsets and full installation instructions. New developments include ICE call door entry, which is ideal for Housing Association and local authority apartments.

ICE (Isolated Circuit Entry) is designed so that each apartment line is isolated from the rest of the system, making ICE Call easy to install and maintain.

Installation requires just three common wires and one ID line, and the system can be maintained from a secure control panel. If one of the handsets is attacked or broken, as the system is on an isolated circuit it will only affect that line, not the rest of the system.



Fermax.Fermax, a European manufacturer of door entry products offers a wide range of options for door entry and access control systems. The equipment is available in a variety of award winning designs to suit all architectural styles and interior décor. Together with equipment design, they also offer a variety of technology options incorporating traditional 5&7 wire, Bus, digital and 2-wire cabling requirements.

To simplify the use of Fermax products they have a range of kit systems. These cover all basic options for domestic, light commercial, small and medium office or accommodation block installations. These kits offer audio, video (colour or black & white), basic access control and video with 32-image memory.

Also available in kit format are the Bruto vandal resistant panels, offered in both 1 station audio and video kit format. Most of the Fermax kits are supplied complete with a lock release making them excellent value for money, including the new slimline ECO audio kit.

The new Vision 5 video system was fundamentally designed to be fitted using the wiring of an earlier standard audio entry system thus offering a straightforward upgrade facility. For larger systems a quotation and support service is available including equipment details, cost prices and cabling requirements.


LT Terraneo.

Terraneo.The new Terraneo Sfera audio and video door entry system utilises 3 main technologies, Analogue, Digital and 2 wire (audio only). These ranges offer a solution to most installation requirements for both domestic and commercial door entry systems.

Utilising the latest digital technology, the new Terraneo Sfera entrance panel has sleek curves and an elegant design that will add a touch of class to any surroundings.

Available in both flush and surface mounting formats with 9 aesthetic colours including satin Stainless Steel to meet all your environmental requirements. Complete modularity of entrance panels permits ultimate flexibility.

Assess the required functions and simply select the corresponding modules.

This allows the system to be customised exactly. With the new range of equally stylish audio and video internal units the flexibility continues with surface, desk or flush mounting options, allowing most installation requirements to be fulfilled.



URMET.The Urmet range includes audio systems in both 4+n and 1+1 options as well as video systems in coaxial or non-coaxial versions including a "2 wire" range.

In addition Urmet offers a choice of "Easy2wire" or "Digivoice" audio and video digital door entry systems. Hands free apartment stations can be used with the traditional Kombi panels. Urmet boast a range of entrance panel options including artistic panels with distinctive styling as well as modular style panels.

A recent, popular, addition to this range are the IP45 rated, modular K-Steel vandal resistant panels. This option combines durability with flexibility and vandal and weather resistance.



Videx.The Videx range caters for all needs with systems ranging from a basic unit, with common speech, to a computer controlled, fully isolated, multi-entrance video and/or audio system with the option of concierge facilities.

In addition, the Videx range of self-contained audio and video kits provides users with a one-stop option for installing an access control or door entry system. Videx systems are specified throughout the industrial, commercial and domestic markets. Many local authorities and housing associations use the company's Specialised Range of access control and door entry equipment, whilst the highly innovative Special Needs range has been purposefully designed for disabled, infirm and elderly users. Both audio and video kits (monochrome or colour or with memory facility) are available with codelock or sentry key options, plus the recently added prox card system.

Standard kits are offered in a stainless finish or in aluminium with white and brown options as well as being available with either flush or surface mounted panels. Audio kits are also available with the 280 interface unit, enabling them to be used with standard or cordless telephones. Larger systems are available with many options as the standard range is of a modular format giving extreme flexibility of design. The more sophisticated digital systems are available with panels in both modular format and flush mounting stainless steel.



           6 Garfield Road, Chingford, London, E4 7DG.

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