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Remote Monitoring of CCTV Systems.

The following remote monitoring is provided by one of the manufacturers whose systems we install, even behind a firewall or NA(P)TS networks this application can be configured to work, simple port forwarding will solve most configuration issues.
Digital multiplexers can operate non-networked & stand alone - connected to the outside world via dial-up modem or broadband connection.
1.   Click on link below to download remote viewer application.
2.   Save the file onto your Windows desktop.
Remote Network Viewer Software   (4mb)
3.   Double click downloaded file & follow instructions on installation.
4.   After installation use the start menu to launch remote viewer.
5.   To view the remote systems live type in the following IP addresses into the Viewer Software:
6.   Type in the user name & password when prompted:
  User Name:   user
  Password:   password

Network Viewer

Enter IP Address

Click Connect

Enter User Name & Password



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Fax: 020 8533 1456
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