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2 Door Networking Controller


  • 2 or 4 Door Modular Networking Control Units.
  • Integral Power Supply with Battery Backup.
  • Networking with or without a Computer.
  • Card Learning Technology.
  • Multiple Site Code Applications.
  • 8000 Card Capacity per Site.
  • Multiple Card Technologies.
  • Designed & Manufactured in the UK.
  • Global Anti-Passback.
  • Simple Yes / No Programming.


Our access control systems are a full featured networking access control system, utilizing a building block principle. They are intelligent 2-door controllers of 8000 card capacity. Individual units are linked together using an RS485 two wire communications buss. Up to 63 units may be installed on the same network allowing control of up to 126 doors. 

Programming is extremely simple by the use of a hand held programmer with simple YES / NO commands & text LCD display.

The programmer can be used to program a single unit or program a complete network from any controller location.

Programmer may also be used for viewing system status, alarms & the complete system data base without the need for a central PC. 

The distributed intelligence provides high reliability due to each network unit storing the full system data base for the total network.

Data is automatically transferred to any other controller & in the event of memory failure the unit will automatically refresh from another controller on the network.

Tringmain Swipe Card & Reader

This also results in instant response to alarms & card transactions because all the decisions are made locally & not at a remote PC. Automatic Timezone controlled unlocking of 2 groups of specified doors is included. This useful feature may also be card activated.

All major reader types such as Magnetic Stripe, Wiegand, Barcode & Proximity may be used with our network controllers, offering the total solution to access control applications. Card, card & code, code only configurations are all possible. A messaging facility can be provided at the keypads allowing the PC operator to pass information to a specified card holder. 

The built-in serial port allows connection to a local printer, host computer or up to four Building management system expansion units - each BMS unit providing an additional 24 alarm inputs & 16 control outputs. The same unit also provides lift control.


Software in DOS or Windows format is available, allowing total control of the network from a PC with the advantage of name files, card holder, alarm & transaction storage for audit purposes.

System Design


Our software provides an exceptionally user-friendly tool to control the network from a central PC.  Extensive  alarm, transaction, cardholder, user log & roll-call reports provide essential management & security information as required. Optional modules for video card printing, graphic floor plans etc are available. 

Using the Multi-Network Facility any combination of up to 8 networks can be controlled by the central PC. This multiplies the systems total capacity by a factor of 8, giving an enormous expansion capability to the access control system.



The Building Management System board offers an extra 24 alarm inputs & 16 relay outputs which can be used to monitor & control other building utilities. The BMS also provides lift control as well as integration with CCTV & intruder systems to provide the total security solution. Up to four BMS panels can be used with each network controller. The use of the optional add-on modules allows remote measurement of analogue voltages such as temperature sensors etc.


           6 Garfield Road, Chingford, London, E4 7DG.

Tel: 020 8533 0516
Fax: 020 8533 1456
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